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Arctic Oil Spill Prevention and Response Management

Addressing the Environmental Priorities and Realities of the Arctic Frontier Region

2-4 April 2014
Victoria Hotel, Stavanger, Norway

Conference Workshop

Optimal Response in Arctic Emergency Scenarios

Emergency Response in Extreme Arctic Environments

Workshop Moderator: Klaus Allan Harnvig Krane

Company: Project Manager Danish Meteorological Institute

Why You Should Attend

Arctic Oil Spill Prevention and Response Management

The Oil & Gas Industry is on the constant look out for new areas of exploration. Extreme climate conditions, remoteness, ice coverage, but also logistics, lack of infrastructure, governmental regulations and political instability are just some of the challenges that the industry is facing today in new frontiers such as the High North, Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Environmental consequences can be extremely dramatic if we canít stop the flow of a spill. Minimising clean up costs, improving restoration and assessing liability are the main concerns for operators. Companies are in need of specific guidelines to implement oil spill prevention strategies and undertake the most effective oil spill recovery.


This oil spill conference will analyse a variety of oil spill scenarios focusing on the environmental risks and offering practical solutions for oil spill emergency response. The risk of an oil spill is uncountable, however we can work on prevention and preparedness. A good contingency plan, innovative methodologies and response techniques are essential tools that will enable you to operate efficiently in case of the worst case scenario Ė a spill!


Key Topics

  • Grasp the extent of rapid Arctic E&P and shipping following the increasing global demand for oil and gas
  • Benchmark your contingency plans for assured Arctic operation
  • Discover the various response mechanisms and their applicability throughout the Arctic
  • Learn of the governing impact ice plays in determining oil spill prevention and recovery
  • Save millions of dollars through developing robust preparedness plans prior to reacting when it is too late

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    Practical Insights From

    Tormod Holth Larsen
    QHSE Manager
    Stena Drilling

    Per S Daling
    Senior Research Scientist
    SINTEF Materials and Chemistry

    Hannu Halinen
    Ambassador, Arctic Affairs
    Ministry for Foreign Affairs for Finland

    Svein Vigeland Rottem
    Seniro Research Fellow, Director of the Russia and Polar Programme
    Fritjof Nansen Institute

    Jorma Rytkonen
    Research and Development Manager
    Finnish Environment Institute

    Lars R. Hole
    Senior Scientist
    Norwegian Meteorological Institute

    Dr Henk Renken
    Technical Advisor

    Rune Storvold
    Senior Scientist

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