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Strategic Drug Repositioning and New Indications Forum

Exploit Opportunities and Accelerate R&D by Re-profiling Your Drugs

26-27 September 2013
London, United Kingdom

Why You Should Attend

Strategic Drug Repositioning and New Indications Forum

Drug discovery and development is a time consuming, expensive and risky enterprise

Drug discovery and development is a time consuming, expensive and risky enterprise. In order to accelerate the process with relatively lower costs and reduced risks of failure, pharmaceutical companies have adopted drug repositioning as an alternative approach.


Enhancing R&D productivity has captured a growing interest in the pharmaceutical industry. Intense competition for attractive drug candidates has made in-licensing an expensive and sometimes a difficult option for sustaining the pharmaceutical company’s portfolio. Repositioning failed or already marketed drug candidates for alternative disease indications offers a valuable opportunity to alleviate pipeline gaps and increases success rates.


How to develop a strategy and business models for drug repositioning? What are the best screening technology platforms? How to overcome IP challenges?  This marcus evans forum will delve into these key issues to ensure companies can overcome their challenges in drug repositioning and new indications.



Key Topics

  • Explore the latest screening platforms to find new indications
  • Benefit from case studies on successfully repositioned drugs
  • Maximise your knowledge of patent protection
  • Learn about reformulation of existing compounds
  • Ensure success with new indications for already marketed products

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    Practical Insights From

    Nigel McCracken
    Senior Director, Translational Medicine
    Shire AG

    Graeme Wilkinson
    Associate Director, New Opportunities iMed

    Theo Meert
    Head Neurosciences
    Johnson & Johnson

    Marc Martinell
    Founder & CEO
    Minoryx Therapeutics S.L.

    Raúl Insa
    SOM Biotech

    Valery Alakhov
    Vice-President R&D & CSO
    Supratek Pharma Inc

    William Garner
    EGB Advisors, LLC

    Sasha Alexandre Akoulitchev
    Chronos Therapeutics

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