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Advanced Reserves Estimation and Field Appraisal for the Oil and Gas Industry

Gambling or Speculating? Ensuring ROI and De-Risking Field Development through Understanding What Your Reservoirs Hold

15-16 February 2015
TBC, United Kingdom

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Advanced Reserves Estimation and Field Appraisal for the Oil and Gas Industry

Reserve estimation and field appraisal is a core requirement for those operating in the oil and gas industry. As the industry continues to invest heavily in exploration and production, the need for a robust reserve reporting function and commercial understanding has never been more important. Companies need to ensure that they are adopting strategies that can deal with the dynamism and complexity of today’s operating environments, as accurate reserve estimation and reporting can be used as the first step towards driving greater levels of recovery, and thus, profits.

This exclusive marcus evans forum will offer critical insights into the contemporary issues surrounding reservoir understanding and uncertainty and how this has an impact on the commercial viability of exploration and production in the oil and gas industries. We will be discussing how to benchmark procedures that are critical in minimising uncertainty and delay whilst ensuring that as much is known about your reservoir in order to support investment. Focus will be upon equipping industry leaders with contemporary reserve estimation and field appraisal insights in order to remain ahead in this dynamic area.


Key Topics

  • Grasp the extent to which the reserve estimation process will need revising for unconventional plays
  • Benchmark against best practice of regulations and compliance in reserves reporting
  • Reduce uncertainties and risks of reserves estimation by hearing from industry leaders
  • Discover methodologies that promote rapid recovery following the initial stage of reserve estimation
  • Learn how to benchmark data selection methods, handling and advanced modelling

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