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Benchmarking Market Integrity and Transparency in Energy Trading

Assess the effectiveness of compliance control and the integrity of benchmarks in an environment characterised by proactive regulation

24-25 April 2014
London Marriott Hotel Kensington, London, United Kingdom

Conference Workshop

Uneconomic trading as transactional fraud: EU compliance lessons from across the pond

Understand “uneconomic” behaviour, as explained by a former FERC regulator and published expert on point; Learn why uneconomic behavior is prosecutable under REMIT and MAD as a type of transactional fraud; Hear the latest cases of uneconomic trading and price manipulation punished and pursued by U.S. and EU authorities.

Workshop Moderator: Shaun Ledgerwood

Company: Principal, The Battle Group

Why You Should Attend

Benchmarking Market Integrity and Transparency in Energy Trading


The EU Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT) has been in force since December 2011, prohibiting wholesale energy market abuse and insider trading.  However, EU Member States are only now adopting the rules that will allow national regulators to investigate and penalise infringements.  In light of these recent regulatory changes, high-profile allegations of energy market manipulation in Europe and a series of heavy fines imposed by US regulators in recent months for similar practices, it has never been a more crucial time for energy trading institutions to consider the effectiveness of compliance controls. Because of this, hearing about methods for distinguishing and preventing uneconomic trading and price manipulation is an industry priority.


Attending this marcus evans conference will give delegates the opportunity to ensure they understand regulatory definitions of market manipulation and insider trading, whilst taking recent regulatory advancements into account. Energy trading institutions will be able to effectively minimise the risk of instances of market manipulation through a combination of greater regulatory awareness, benchmarking, and data reporting techniques. This event will provide a platform to hear from a combination of industry peers and regulators, in order to discover and share experiences on these pressing issues.


Key Topics

  • Discover how regulations such as REMIT and MAD are working together in practice
  • Hear the latest on cases of uneconomic trading and price manipulation: How can this effectively be distinguished and controlled?
  • Prevent instances of insider trading within your institution
  • Review the integrity of benchmarks in the light of incidents such as the Platts investigation
  • Learn how trade disclosure and reporting will work going forward

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    Practical Insights From

    Richard Street
    Global Head of Regulation and Compliance

    Stefan Renfer
    Legal Expert
    Swiss Electricity Commission ElCom

    Jonathan Marsh
    Head of Legal
    Vitol Group

    Andrew Ebrill
    Manager for Market Modelling
    Commission for Energy Regulation

    Tine Bax
    Market Regulation and Compliance Officer

    Neil Fleming
    Independent Market Consultant

    Mirko Borgdorf
    Head of Compliance

    Andras Hujber
    Policy Officer
    DG Energy-European Commission

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