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4th Annual Arctic E&P New Frontiers: Opportunities and Risk Management

Overcoming E&P Challenges in The Barents Sea, North East Greenland, Kara Sea and Baffin Bay

23-25 April 2014
Central London, United Kingdom

Conference Workshop

Interactive Masterclass: The Potential and Challenges of the Late Palaeozoic Carbonates of the Barents Shelf

Why Palaeozoic carbonate reservoirs are different from younger reservoirs as well as reservoir systems and the effects of uplift

Workshop Moderator: Peter Gutteridge

Company: Director and Carbonate Sedimentologist, Cambridge Carbonates Ltd

Conference Workshop

Roundtable Discussion Topics:

Decision-Making Process in the Arctic Council, the Russian Oil & Gas Industry in the Arctic, Indigenous People and the Relationship to Oil & Gas Operations

Company:Arctic Advisory Group, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Why You Should Attend

4th Annual Arctic E&P New Frontiers: Opportunities and Risk Management

Following the end of easy oil and gas, operators are now looking to many of the world’s frontier regions for exploration and production. As a result, the Arctic region has seen rapidly intensifying levels of petroleum resource development over the past few decades. Exploration and production now dominates the Arctic agenda. It is clear that the Arctic is a place characterised by extreme operating conditions, where remoteness, ice presence, prolonged darkness and political regulation pose just some of the threats to efficient operation. Arctic participants are keen to hear critical insights in how to overcome these challenges in such territories and what is necessary in order to drive value creation in the region.


This exclusive marcus evans forum will look beyond simply identifying the challenges facing exploration and production in the region, instead offering an insight into what market players are doing to overcome these issues. We will be discussing how to benchmark practices that are crucial in boosting geological understanding, winning licensing rounds, optimising operations and driving collaborative practice. The focus will be on equipping industry leaders with practical insights on how to effectively tap into the proven resources that exist within this region.


Key Topics

  • Explore the latest methods used by current and potential Arctic players in winning vital licenses
  • Respond to the gap in geological knowledge by learning the latest data acquisition and manipulation methods within the Arctic
  • Establish the true value collaboration can play in speeding up and improving Arctic operations
  • Overcome operating within limited windows of opportunity by maximising your time both on and off the ice
  • Develop a robust development plan that incorporates investment and drives value creation

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    Practical Insights From

    Johan Petter Barlindhaug
    Chairman of the Board
    North Energy

    Ebbe Hartz
    Cheif Geologist
    Det Norske oljeselskap ASA

    Mikhail Mosesyan
    Leader D&W Engineering
    Lukoil Overseas North Shelf AS

    Klaus Allan Harnvig Krane
    Project Manager
    Danish Meteorological Institute

    Stig-Morten Knutsen
    Roald Amundsen Petroleum Research

    Stein Sandven
    Vice Director
    Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre

    Anna Suslova
    Project Coordinator
    MSU Lomonosov

    Simon Boxall
    Research Scientist
    National Oceanography Centre

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