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2nd Annual Commercial Translation of Companion Diagnostics

Overcoming Commercial and Co-Development Challenges in CDx in a Rapidly Changing Business Environment to Achieve Efficient Partnerships, High Revenue and Market Success

17-19 September 2014
London, United Kingdom

Conference Workshop

Capturing Value in Personalised Medicine Through Strategic Planning and Product Launching

Why You Should Attend

2nd Annual Commercial Translation of Companion Diagnostics

Why are there so few approved personalised medicines in the market? Why are pharma, biotech and diagnostic organisations still struggling to find the most optimal strategy to succesfully launch their product? Why is reimbursement so hard to get? Apart from a few succesful stories in the last decade, personalised medicine has little practical achievements to show.


This premium marcus evans conference will examine the business strategy behind personalised medicine. Topics on identifying the collaboration strategy that meets your corporate needs and capacity, engaging into partnerships and moving to a simultaneous development of the drug with the accompanying test will be discussed. Epxert industry leaders will also elaborate on innovative methodologies to ensure adequate reimbursement, adapt to the new IVD European regulation and manage to succesfully launch their product in a highly competitive and volatile market environment. Lastly, utilising latest technologies and options such as next-generation sequencing or multi-marker development to maximise the efficiency of the product as well as the commercial success will be main theme of the conference.


Key Topics

  • Decide on the companion diagnostics business model that fulfills your organisational mission and needs
  • Strengthen your partnerships through early planning, risk management and negotiation techniques
  • Achieve a succesful product launch in a global, volatile and higly competitive market
  • Secure maximum reimbursement by comprehending the global pricing and reimbursement procedures
  • Become agile and put in place processes that will respond to requirements from the IVD European legislation

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    Practical Insights From

    Celine Pallaud
    Director, Correlative Sciences

    Anna Pokorska Bocci
    Senior Scientific Officer, Personalised Medicine Department
    Debiopharm International

    Franz Hessel
    Professor for Health Care Management
    SRH University Berlin

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