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Repo and Securities Lending Forum: The Impact of Funding and Liquidity Regulations

Assessing the bank-wide impact of the leverage ratio and NSFR on Repo markets

22-23 September 2014
Marriott Marble Arch, London, UK, United Kingdom

Conference Workshop

The viability of repricing repos: Capital allocation considerations

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Repo and Securities Lending Forum: The Impact of Funding and Liquidity Regulations

Banks use repo and money markets as a central part of their funding strategy, but global liquidity and funding regulations are set to have a massive (and possibly unintended) impact on the industry. The leverage ratio and the NSRF are the two most important factors for the future of the repo markets, and have the potential to change the way that this market can be used whether it will be an area where profits can be actively driven or whether it is a mere treasury function to raise funding. Over 2014 people are set in fact-gathering mode and will want to know as much as possible about the regulations and the impact that they will have on their business.

This marcus evans conference will explicitly review the practical implications of the leverage ratio and NSFR on the repo and securities lending market. There will be a strategic survey of the regulatory environment including a technical examination of the LCR and FTT and further suggestions about to mitigate the harmful effects of liquidity regulations including the use of netting. Having determined the company wide impact of the regulatory scrutiny facing the industry this conference will then consider the consequences for the future of the repo and securities lending market. This will involve a developed quantification of competition from non-banking financials and an analysis of the potential for repricing repos in the future. Finally, the conference will establish the needs of the investor, allowing banks to optimise their returns in a regulatory demanding landscape.

Key Topics

  • Understand what the impact of the Leverage Ratio will be on the repo markets: What is it and where will its impacts be felt?
  • Benefit from a digestible summery of what the NSFR will mean when applied to repo and securities lending
  • Discover how banks are reviewing their strategies in light of the regulations impacting funding and liquidity

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    Practical Insights From

    Harald Baensch
    Managing Director, Head of Short-Term-Desk, Short-Term-Desk MMA5ST

    John Billige
    European Tax Director, Securities Finance
    State Street Bank and Trust Company

    Tim Bruun Madsen
    Deputy Head Fixed Income and Repo

    Thomas Hansen
    Managing Director
    Credit Suisse

    Nicholas Hall
    Repo Trading

    Matteo Rolle
    Collateral Optimisation Trading
    Lloyds Banking Group

    Francois Henrion
    Head of Prime Services
    ABSA Capital

    Michel Albertini
    Head of Credit and Local Market Repo Trading
    BNP Paribas

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