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2nd Edition Enterprise Identity and Access Management

Achieve Optimised IAM Systems Across Borders and Stay Ahead of the Curve in the Diversified Landscape and Technological Revolution

10-12 June 2015
London, United Kingdom

Conference Workshop

Identity in Cloud: Optimise Customer Relationship Management through Successful Information Security and Data Protection

In this workshop, attendees will learn not only how to control IAM in the cloud, but also how to execute the best methods and tools to ensure security protection in the cloud.

Workshop Moderator: Bernd Zwattendorfer

Company: Institute for Applied Information Processing and Communications, Graz University of Technology

Why You Should Attend

2nd Edition Enterprise Identity and Access Management

This premium marcus evans conference will expose the most efficient methods of upgrading and expanding your IAM tools and managing multiple identities in Cloud and Internet of Things in order to adapt to the increasing complexity of the IT infrastructure and stay ahead of the curve. Delegates will also learn how best to harmonise access to different systems and balance data privacy in the diversified landscape, while overcoming challenges with Cloud provisioning to prevent serious security risks. Industry experts will deliver practical case studies reflecting on their optimised IAM tools and methods of managing international legislations to enable your understanding of how to apply this to your organisation in the most cost efficient manner.

Companies are afraid of falling behind from the curve by not learning how to properly manage identities and access in the midst of the technological revolution including with regards Internet of Things, Software as a Service (SaS) and Cloud provisioning. It is essential to be able to expand and upgrade IAM efficiently in order to avoid exposure to serious security risks and keep up with changing legislation, particularly on an international level.

Key Topics

  • BT shares their expertise on strong authentication to enhance password protection and security procedures
  • Bank of England reveals how they see IAM in the context of an overall risk assessment focusing on cyber security
  • Credit Suisse shows how to ensure authentication and protect access for users of privileged accounts
  • RBS investigates how best to enforce policies and access controls across borders
  • DHL explores how to improve the retention of employee data in diversified landscape
  • Previous Attendees Include

    ABB, ABN Amro, DHL, Heineken, ING, Kraft Foods, Novo Nordisk, Philip Morris, Volvo ...and many more.

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    Event Partners

    Practical Insights From

    Luke Hebbes
    Head of Trust

    Adam Wild
    Managing Director and Chief Information Security Officer
    RBS Corporate & Institutional Banking

    Luc Van Hoof
    Vice President, Head of IT Platforms

    John Finch
    Chief Information Officer & Executive Director
    Bank of England

    Eleni Richter
    Chief Architect of Identity and Organisational Data Management
    EnBW Systeme Infrastruktur Support GmbH

    Patrice Chazerand
    Digital Europe

    James Mckinlay
    Head of Information Security, Data Protection and PCIDSS
    Worldline by Atos

    Vivienne Artz
    Managing Director and Head of International, IP and O&T Law Group

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