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The NSFR and LCR for Nordic Banks

Demonstrate excellence in liquidity and funding management as the LCR and NSFR force banks to revise treasury strategies

4-5 December 2014
Elite Marina Tower Hotel, Stoclholm, Sweden

Why You Should Attend

The NSFR and LCR for Nordic Banks

This marcus evans conference will offer key case studies on funding and liquidity optimisation strategies. Closing in on the NSFR and LCR in particular, Nordic treasury departments will offer their senor management perspective on ALM and FTP. The conference will also have a number of Nordic regulators who will offer a better idea of the final draft of regulation and what standards are expected both nationally and internationally. Through this forum, banks can achieve the right balance between long term and short term funding and ensure liquidity standards are met.

Nordic banks came out of the financial crisis in a much more robust condition than their European peers. However, the NSFR, LCR and leverage ratio are having a massive impact on Nordic treasuries who are now in the process of optimising liquidity and funding strategy. With their challenge to the covered bonds and mortgages market, these regulations are challenges traditional sources of funding and resetting the paradigm for liquidity. As such, treasuries are under pressure to adapt their FTP models and optimise their liquidity buffers in order to ensure compliance and reducing liquidity risks in line with internal standards. With new EBA powers and regulation closing in, Nordic treasuries more than ever need to benchmark approaches in order to keep funding and liquidity policy competitive.


Key Topics

  • Denmark FSA offer an overview of regulation facing the treasury
  • Swedish Bankers’ Association examine the future
  • Danske Bank iron out inefficiencies and improve compliance
  • Nordea consider how to optimise the balance sheet alongside

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    Event Partners

    Practical Insights From

    Christoffer Mollenbach
    Head of Treasury
    Danske Bank

    Heli Huhtala
    Head of Treasury

    Lars Eibeholm
    Head of Treasury
    Nordic Investment Bank

    Tim Skeet
    Managing Director

    Petteri Bollmann
    Director, Funding and Treasury
    The Mortgage Society of Finland

    Jonny Sylven
    Senior Advisor
    Swedish Bankersí Association

    Jonas Svarling
    Head of Risk and Capital Management

    Mark Kandborg
    Executive Director, Group ALM

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