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Advanced After Sales Services and Aftermarket Strategies

Achieve Service Business Transformation and Competitive Advantage by Enhancing Servitisation, Digital Service Offerings, Predictive Maintenance and Remote Diagnostics

18-20 March 2015
Radisson Blue Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Conference Workshop

Establish the requirements of a service business to overcome competition

In this workshop, you will learn how to set key performance indicators for your business and customers. You will understand which are the right KPI`s and investigate customer performance to improve forecast accuracy.

Workshop Moderator: James Lavender, Dealer Development

Company: Aftermarket Services

Conference Workshop

Use the Advanced Technology Era to Create New Products and Services

In this workshop, you will learn how to identify your customer and their needs, match data efficiently and utilise smart technologies to further advance your services.

Workshop Moderator: David Vaury, Former Services Director

Company:Thales UK

Why You Should Attend

Advanced After Sales Services and Aftermarket Strategies

This premium marcus evans conference will help manufacturing companies differentiate themselves further from their competitors through advanced service offerings and optimised aftermarket and after-sales strategies. Service and aftermarket experts from across the manufacturing industry will deliver practical case studies demonstrating how they have successfully gained and retained customers by creating a competitive edge through advanced technologies. Delegates will also benefit from interactive discussions regarding optimising predictive maintenance, Internet of Things, remote diagnostics and better usage of collected data in terms of enhancing your aftermarket operations.

Without advanced services and aftermarket strategies manufacturing companies face a lack of differentiation from intense competition and will lose out on increased service revenues, thus losing substantial profits and customer satisfaction. As customers are ever more demanding they will prefer to opt for products from other companies that are accompanied with value-added, customised service.

Key Topics

  • Achieve service business transformation by developing, up-selling, and standardising your service offerings while offering personalization and servitisation to your customers in the most efficient, scalable and reliable way
  • Implement efficient strategies and methods to compete in the area of digitalised services related to Internet of Things (Industry 4.0) and 3D Printing
  • Enhance your competitive edge by optimising predictive maintenance, remote diagnostics, solutions for critical parts and training programmes for competence development initiatives
  • Gain value out of data-driven service offerings based on the new technological opportunities
  • Learn key trends, innovative technologies and best practices in innovative service design, better usage of collected data, predictive maintenance and smart usage of IT

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    Practical Insights From

    Stefan Gleuel
    Executive Vice President, Services
    TTS Group ASA

    John Cullen
    Vice President, Services Marketing

    Magne Svensden
    Executive Vice President, After Sales
    Kverneland Group

    Frank Bunge
    Director, Global After Sales Service

    Vsevolod Gavrilov
    Director, Russia
    Volvo Penta

    Rutger Jansen
    Director, Customer Services
    Goss International Europe

    Tim Last
    Vice President, Marketing
    Atlas Copco

    Yanina Yakovleva
    Head, Commercial Aftermarket
    Ferronordic Machines

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