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6th Annual Protein Formulation Development and Drug Delivery Forum

Foster the Robustness of your Formulation Through all the Processes to Ensure a Safe Delivery to Patients

8-10 June 2015
Avenida Palace Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

Conference Workshop

Boost the Efficiency and the Quality of your Formulation Development

This workshop will enable participants to learn how High Throughput Systems and Automation is performed for biological products and ensure that efficient methodologies are incorporated in formulation development.

Workshop Moderator: Renske Hesselink / Ramesh V. Chintala, Ph.D.

Company: Scientist Formulation Development, Crucell / Vaccine Drug Product Development, Merck & Co.

Why You Should Attend

6th Annual Protein Formulation Development and Drug Delivery Forum

This marcus evans forum will feature these existing key problems confronting formulation scientists and assist them with a better experiment protocol to ensure quality processes, efficient methodology and minimise failure risks. The delegates will benefit from experienced case study and understand how to improve formulation stability, preventing aggregation, develop high-concentration forms; they will also learn how to use predictive and analytical methods in order to understand the behaviour and evolution of proteins under different conditions, help scientists characterising proteins and different components of the formulation. They will also apprehend the manufacturing and scale up challenges, looking at compatibility problems, lyophilisation issues, and consider the different possibilities offered for drug delivery, keeping in mind the crucial need for improving comfort and safety to patient.

Optimising protein formulation stages has become a highly important area for the pharmaceutical industry. Formulation scientists still face large challenges in getting a stable, potent and safe product, mainly considering aggregation concerns, particle detection, bioavailability and immunogenicity. On the whole process also, formulation scientists need to get a clearer view from pre-formulation phase up to manufacturing and drug delivery, as influence of final result impact largely the way formulation is developed.







Key Topics

  • Identify aggregates and subvisible particles
  • Ensure the stability of your protein during the whole process
  • Develop your analytical skills to improve your biologic formulation
  • Use efficient processes to enhance manufacturing transfer
  • Choose and explore the right delivery route for your product

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    Practical Insights From

    Shahid Uddin
    Head of formulation
    Medimmune Cambridge

    Joel Richard
    Senior Vice President Peptides Head of CMCE

    Pierre Goldbach
    Senior Group Leader and Principal Scientist Late-Stage Pharmaceutical and Processing Development
    F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

    Barbara Baudner
    Vaccines Research Head of Formulation Science Unit

    Carlo Pergola
    Laboratory Head

    Michele Vendruscolo
    University of Cambridge

    Sandrine Cigarini
    Head Unit Purification and formulation Vaccines

    Thomas Scherer
    Senior Scientist

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