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Flexible Power Generation 2016

Mastering Power Plant Technologies and Strategies to Guarantee Reliable Power Supply at All Times

17-19 February 2016
Novotel Barcelona City, Spain

Conference Workshop

Maintenance and Cost Management Strategies: Keeping your Power Plant Financially Profitable and Competitive over the Years

Workshop Moderator: Ronald Janzee

Company: Senior Expert Vibrations and Steam Turbines, AdvituRo

Why You Should Attend

Flexible Power Generation 2016

Marcus evans Flexible Power Generation 2016 offers the most up-to-date and informative conference on the subject, shedding light on operators’ on-going concerns and projects across the whole region. Utilities and Power Plants are aiming to reach successful and cost-effective solutions for highly flexible new and existing fossil fuel power plants (including those using dispatchable renewable fuels), capable of meeting demand peaks and renewable output reductions at minimal fuel consumption and emissions, while mitigating the effects of cycling operation to avoid excessive service life expenditure, and not impeding the potential CO2 capture readiness of the power plants.

European power consumption is continuing to grow and with it, its dependency on variable renewable sources. To ensure a sustainable, reliable and affordable power market, the existing system needs to be complemented by dispatchable, dynamic capacity with the capability of handling frequent fast starts, stops and load ramps.  As a consequence, traditional power plants are increasingly required to operate across the entire load range with high load-change velocities, and even operate in start/stop mode with full turndown and very fast re-start, all at minimal fuel consumption. This forces base-load plants to operate closer to their design limits and through significantly more thermal cycles, leading to increased rate of wear on plant components.

Operational flexibility therefore still presents a significant challenge for fossil fuel and CHP power plants.

Key Topics

  • Hear the European Commission on the Latest Update and Regulations Impacting the European Power Market
  • Witness Real Practical Insights on the Generation Strategies Being Used by Top Operators, Utilities and IPPs from Across Europe
  • Benefit from Understanding the Latest Maintenance Techniques Used for Thermal Fatigue and Condition Monitoring
  • Keep Up to Date on New Technologies and Approaches for Flexibility, Including Energy Storage and Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Technology
  • Assess the Feasibility, Technical Challenges and Ultimate ROI of new Preservation and Mothballing Procedures

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    Practical Insights From

    Andreea Strachinescu
    Head of Unit, New Energy Technologies, Innovation and Clean Coal
    European Commission

    Gwyn Dolben
    Chairman of the WG Thermal and Nuclear
    Energy UK and Eurelectric

    Giorgio Dodero
    IPG Industrial Project Group Srl

    Petr Jonáš
    Strategy Manager

    Thomas Zimmerer
    Leader Electrical Engineering, Controls and Process Technology
    Kraftwerke Mainz-Wiesbaden AG

    Jos Mulders
    Process Technologist

    Timo Vuorinen
    General Manager, Continental Europe and North Africa

    Fabien Thielemans
    Expert Conventional Power Plants Materials & Structure Mechanics
    Laborelec – GDF Suez

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