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Enterprise Wide Security and Resilience

Defend, Protect and Respond; Safeguard the Security and Safety of Your Property, Assets and Workforce at all Times and in All Places

17-19 October 2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Conference Workshop

Threat Intelligence and Incident Response Readiness

This workshop run by PwC will provide expert insight into the role of threat intelligence in risk management and cyber security. You have an unique opportunity to discuss threat hunting and incident response experiences, and how to best collect and disseminate threat intelligence in an organization.

Workshop Moderator: Matthijs van der Wel, Director Forensic Technology Solutions

Company: PwC

Why You Should Attend

Enterprise Wide Security and Resilience

This marcus evans conference will focus on the needs of companies to build up their own internal security procedures so that they are able to adequately protect themselves against attacks on their property, assets and workforce. In recent times security concerns have grown with the rise of Islamic Terrorism, political and social instability in Europe post the financial crisis and the globalisation of the economy and with it various terror threats. Companies need to be able to effectively introduce various security strategies and policies that allow them to defend themselves effectively.

The conference will be built upon hearing the best examples and case studies of behaviour and policies enacted by companies that have prevented attacks on their property and workforce and has been proven to successfully repel and respond to attacks in an effective manner. This means being able to fully understand how to build a culture of security within a company and its workforce, protecting the workforce while they are travelling and outside of the main work environment and being able to protect company property such as computer devices when being used by employees.

It is crucial that companies understand how best to secure their facilities, property and workforce if they are to escape the cost of a security breach which in terms of direct costs of loss of information or damage combined with the brand and reputational costs can run into potentially hundreds of millions.

Key Topics

  • Defend yourself against the dangers of a lone actor attack by developing rapid response strategies
  • Understand how to combine cyber and physical security to prevent unauthorised access to company information
  • Protect your employees off site and on site including when they are travelling for business purposes
  • Mitigate insider threats to your business; Learn how to detect unusual and suspicious behaviour by your own employees
  • Introduce global security standards localised on the ground to succeed in all countries
  • Previous Attendees Include

    Virgin Atlantic
    Rolls-Royce Marine
    Kraft Foods
    Saudi Aramco
    GE Power
    Credit Swiss
    Mondi Group
    GE Healthcare
    Baush & Lomb
    Janssen Pharmaceutical
    Sigma-Aldrich Production GmbH
    Electrolux Global Operations
    Sanofi-Aventis Safety
    GDF Suez Energy Group
    Procter & Gamble
    and many more...

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    Practical Insights From

    Johnnie Mϋller
    Security Director Security Services, SEC
    Copenhagen Airports

    Christopher Horne
    Global Investigations Security Director, Ethics & Compliance Office of General Counsel

    Corin Dennison
    Global Director Corporate Protection

    Tobias Larsson
    Head of Resilience360

    José António Meneses
    Security Director
    Makro Cash and Carry Portugal

    Rainer Rex
    Head of Corporate Security

    Jaya Baloo

    Phil Collins
    Former Head of Security
    Bernard Matthews

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