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3rd Edition Capital Raising Instruments under TLAC and MREL

Practical insight into the latest requirements of TLAC, MREL, and other reforms in regulatory capital

9-10 February 2017
Conrad London St. James, United Kingdom

Conference Workshop

Exploring capital raising structures and coping strategies for financial institutions

In an attempt to prevent a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis, new capital raising regulations TLAC and MREL have been developed in order to stop banks from becoming ‘too big to fail’. The implementation of these regulations across Europe is not standardised and could potentially cause a lot of fragmentation within the economic market, along with other limitations in the investment world.

Workshop Moderator: Gilles Renaudiere, DCM Solutions

Company: BNP Paribas

Why You Should Attend

3rd Edition Capital Raising Instruments under TLAC and MREL

As a consequence of the 2008 financial crisis, the implementation of TLAC and MREL will significantly alter the capital structure of banks in order to ensure financial market stability. Banks will have to become educated on the risks and characteristics of new capital raising instruments, as well as be aware of the limitations provided by the interpretation of these regulations by different regional regulators. In addition to this, the potential effect to European market liquidity and investor business strategies will be great concern. This marcus evans event will provide further clarification and transparency on these loss-absorbency regulations, and investigate the impact to future capital raising.

Key Topics

  • Compare TLAC and MREL requirements and identify up and coming deadlines
  • Discover practical examples of how the new instruments work, including discussion of subordinate rules from country to country
  • Assess the challenges and trends seen in the investor base for these new instruments
  • Learn how the TLAC and MREL reforms fit in the broader context of regulatory capital reforms
  • Previous Attendees Include

    – Morgan Stanley
    – Santander
    – UBS
    – ICMA
    – Unicredit
    – Alandbanken
    – Nomura
    – HSBC

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    Event Partners

    Practical Insights From

    Emil Petrov
    Head of Capital Structuring

    Glenn Leighton
    Managing Director, Head of Capital Solutions
    Lloyds Banking Group

    Samir Dhanani
    Director of Capital Structuring
    Credit Suisse

    Luis Enrique Rodriguez
    Head of Fixed Income Capital Structuring

    Arnaud Mezrahi
    Director Co-Head of Hybrid Structuring
    Societe Generale

    Doncho Donchev
    Head of Long and Medium -Term Funding
    Credit Agricole

    Luis Enrique Rodriguez
    Head of Fixed Income Capital Structuring

    Christoph Hittmair
    Managing Director, Head of European FIG DCM

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    • “One of the best events I have been to in years” Dexia
    • “Both the topics covered at the event and the speakers were very good and informative” De Nederlandsche Bank
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