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9th Annual Health & Behavioural Safety: What Next?

Bring your safety programme to life through a well-rounded empowerment, engagement and leadership approach

5-7 October 2016
NH Carlton Amsterdam, Netherlands

Conference Workshop

NH Amsterdam Centre - Engagement with your Employees: How Does it Work in Practice?

A unique drama based Case Study to understand what drives behaviour in the workplace and how visible and ‘properly’ felt leadership can bring positive change

Workshop Moderator: Shaun Curry, Head of Behavioural Safety & Harry Gallagher, Head of Behavioural Safety

Company: Macnaughton McGregor

Conference Workshop

Advanced Predictive Analytics and Data Management for Safety in a Digital World

This workshop provides the right interactive platform to discuss how to make sense of a variety of data and derive action plans, as well as benchmark how to balance analytics with sound day-to-day safety culture and management principles.

Workshop Moderator: Mary Scannell, CEO

Company:Scannell Solutions, Ireland

Why You Should Attend

9th Annual Health & Behavioural Safety: What Next?

This 9th annual marcus evans conference will build on its very successful past platform to move the discussion forward. The time has come to reassess some of the classical concepts and techniques in health & safety and ask what the way forward is. There is more focus on emerging bottom-up approaches to safety, on empowering employees, but also increased pressures to make the H&S programme efficient in an environment governed by constraints. We will be bringing together practical case studies and enable an open and honest discussion on what is the way forward in health & safety.

Health & Safety has been an area of investment and focus for many companies, which now finds itself under more pressure to make a business case in the context of the increasingly urgent financial language of the boardroom. It has to start using more creative thinking to generate new solutions to safety problems, and integrate its solutions into business processes. Health & Safety professionals are now looking to the future, and asking what lies ahead, beyond some of the traditional approaches, in order to address deficiencies in the perception of effective management of risk.

Key Topics

  • Philips outlines how to build a comprehensive, non-silo approach to Health & Safety
  • Mattel explores a bottom-up and motivation-driven approach to safety
  • Johnson & Johnson discusses the key dimensions, enablers and implementation roadmap for Safety Culture
  • Novartis describes their approach to serious injury and fatality prevention
  • Bombardier explores their risk management approach for better safety across the organisation
  • Previous Attendees Include

    PepsiCo, Virgin Atlantic, Rolls-Royce Marine, Vodafone, Kraft Foods, Henkel, LEGO, Statoil, Saudi Aramco, Alstom, Dennison, Barilla, GE Power, Credit Swiss, Carlsberg, Mondi Group, L'Oréal, GE Healthcare, Cargill, Baush & Lomb, Esso, Janssen Pharmaceutical, Aramco, E-ON, Sigma-Aldrich Production GmbH, Electrolux Global Operations, Sanofi-Aventis Safety, GDF Suez Energy Group, Cephalon, Procter & Gamble, BASF SE and many more...

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    Practical Insights From

    Jan van Aarle
    Director EH&S
    Johnson & Johnson, Belgium, The Netherlands and France

    Howard Oakes
    Global Head of Safety and Health
    Nestle, Switzerland

    Andrea Bionda
    Head of EHS- Europe Africa Projects- Gas Power Systems
    GE Power, Switzerland

    Reyes Gonzalez
    Global Safety Manager, Global Health & Safety, Global Human Resources
    Heineken, The Netherlands

    Wim Koster
    Head of Global Safety
    KONE, The Netherlands

    Bart Vanmarcke
    Head of HSE Bombardier Transportation
    Bombardier, Belgium

    Anthony Wareham
    Head of Health, Safety and Security
    Philips, The Netherlands

    Gordon Bedford
    Global Director Environment, Health and Safety
    Mattel, Hong Kong

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    • “Once again excellent sharing of views, experience and new ideas” CHEP
    • “Great venue, helpful staff, great quality of presentations” LANXESS
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