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2nd Edition Lending Products and Processes in Retail Banking

Innovate lending product design and processes under the traditional boundaries of a retail bank to maintain profitability and better the end-to-end customer journey in this competitive market

19-20 February 2018
Marriott West India Quay, London, United Kingdom

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2nd Edition Lending Products and Processes in Retail Banking

In recent times, the retail lending business has become a competitive market given the emergence of start-ups and FinTech companies. These new entrants are presenting themselves as a major threat to retail banks given they can offer retail lending products at lower prices with more ease. For this reason, retail banks not only have to reassess the lending product design and prices they are offering but also the process in which they are employing to distribute these products to the market. Considering these alternative FinTechs are exempt from complying with banking regulations and do not harbour the vast amount of legacy systems present in retail banks, the process in which they distribute their lending products is faster and better ultimately leading to a far superior customer service than that provided by retail banks. This marcus evans event will examine how to optimise lending product design, pricing and process within the traditional boundaries of a retail bank to compete in this market and better the end-to-end customer journey.

Key Topics

  • Reinvent the end-to-end customer Reinvent the end-to-end customer journey by improving efficiency of processes and distribution of retail lending products through digitalisation, automation and robotics
  • Price retail lending products competitively alongside the changing market
  • Understand how retail banks can disrupt the market and combat competition by partnering with P2P lenders and FinTech companies
  • Realign retail lending product design to suit customers, regulation and macroeconomic factors
  • Assess the impact of banking regulations on the retail lending business
  • Previous Attendees Include

    • AIB
    • Allied Irish Banks p.l.c.
    • Banca Intesa San Paolo
    • Bank of Ireland
    • Barclays PLC
    • BNP Paribas
    • British Business Bank
    • Brown Shipley & Co
    • Commerzbank AG
    • Danske Bank
    • Hypo Alpe Adria Bank
    • Islandsbanki hf
    • KBL European Private Bankers
    • Landsbankinn hf
    • Lending Solutions Realkredit Danmark
    • Lloyds Banking Group
    • Nomis Solutions
    • RBS
    • Sberbank Europe AG
    • Simon-Kucher & Partners
    • SNS Bank
    • Socgen
    • Swedbank

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    Practical Insights From

    Eddie Humphreys
    Head of Home Buyer Propositions

    Hanna Hohteri-Sippel
    Head of Cards
    Aktia Bank

    Jurgen Dostal
    Head Products

    Erik Roka
    Head of Private Individuals and Premium Banking, Retail Banking Division
    Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo

    Jakob Legård Jakobsen
    Executive Director
    Association of Danish Mortgage Banks

    Ron Delnevo
    Executive Director Europe

    Lax Seshan
    Head of Deposit and Mortgage Products
    State Bank of India

    Parmod Garg
    Head of Risk
    Habib Bank AG Zurich

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    Voice of Our Customers
    • “The conference was spot on as it happened at a time when we were looking for solutions for our customer (retail) in the agency banking space” Group Head of Retail Banking, Heritage Bank
    • “Great conference learned a lot and made valuable new relationships. Thank you!” Head of Retail, C&F Bank
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