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Managing Insurance Contracts under IFRS 17

Establish an effective plan to tackle the IFRS 17 in line with the outcome of the impact studies conducted by insurers

4-6 December 2017
CCT Venues Plus-Bank Street, Canary Wharf, London, United Kingdom

Conference Workshop

Are insurance companies ready to explain the financial performance under IFRS 17?

Workshop Moderator: Sunil Kansal, Director, Consulting

Company: Shasat

Why You Should Attend

Managing Insurance Contracts under IFRS 17

This executive marcus evans meeting will bring together industry leaders working the IFRS 17 to discuss the first steps firms are taking to prepare for the new accounting rules. It will address the plans that firms are putting in place before the implementation with particular focus on the models required and the policy options firms are taking. It will address what these options will mean in terms of its business implications and the outcome of the impact studies firms have been carrying out.

The insurance industry has been tasked to deal with a landmark shift comparable with Solvency II. Exactly how big the IFRS 17 will be is unknown to the industry at the moment. In this current moment, firms are still grappling with what the requirements are asking for from the insurance contracts it issues and reinsurance contracts it holds. What is understood right now is that the IFRS 17 will dramatically change the way insurance firms are measuring the risk and performance of insurance contracts, pushing all firms to use one standard, to create more transparency and consistency in the market allowing investors and analysts to better understand what insurance contracts are profit or loss making.

Key Topics

  • Discover what the new accounting standards require and the project planning insurers can do now to prepare
  • See what decisions insurers are taking for policy options and what the BBA model will mean for their firm
  • Gain examples of how insurance firms are collating quality data and updating systems to align with the IFRS 17
  • Understand the business implications of the IFRS 17 and how this can be communicated to business lines
  • Previous Attendees Include

    Allianz Benelux Sa
    Association of British Insurers
    Codan Forsikrinf A/S
    Generali Deutschland
    Gruppo Zurich Italy
    KLP Skadeforsikring AS
    Nemi Forsikring
    Nemi Insurance
    NFU Mutual
    Quantitative Risk Management Inc.
    Zurich Insurance Company

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    Practical Insights From

    Alana Clark
    Head of Financial Policy and Control
    Barbican Insurance

    Bernhard Klinger
    Head of Actuarial Development, Centre Finance and Governance

    James Orr
    Chief Actuary, General Insurance
    Bank of England

    Joseph Remmerswaal
    Head of Risk
    NN Group

    Zeynep Onat
    Head of Risk Management and Internal Control
    Cigna Finans

    Sarah Kęstel-Bjerg, CFA
    Head of Capital and Financial Risk
    Codan Forsikring

    Raphael Borrel
    Director of Risk and Compliance

    Jean-Michel Pinton
    Group Accounting Officer
    CNP Assurances

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