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Electricity Price Modelling and Forecasting

Build models for electricity pricing and forecasting that can accurately account for electricity market disruptors: Renewable power generation

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Berlin, Germany

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Electricity Price Modelling and Forecasting

The introduction of competitive electricity markets, advancements in technology and the increased speed of trading, means electricity price forecasting has grown in importance. Coupled with the need to balance the market daily, this becomes no easy task. A market that appeared to have stabilised is on the verge of disruption. The increased reliance on renewable energy generation, higher liquidity due to technological advancements and the beginning of the microgrid means it is essential to understand both the basics but also account for the disruptors within your electricity price forecasting models. As a result, this marcus evans event will deep dive into the essentials of how to build models for short term and intraday electricity price forecasting that are accurate in their fundamentals but can also account for energy market disruptors. 

Key Topics

  • Incorporate electricity market disruptors such as the intermittency of renewables into your forecasting models
  • Improve the accuracy of your fundamentals for electricity price forecasting models: Price, volatility, and futures curves
  • Identify and source the right data to improve your electricity price forecasting models
  • Enhance the use of weather models for electricity price forecasting with data, algorithms, and machine learning techniques
  • Previous Attendees Include

    • APG
    • Dong Energy
    • Drax Power
    • Edison Trading
    • Elektro Ljubljana
    • Elia
    • Endesa
    • Energi Danmark
    • ESB
    • Eurelectric
    • EON
    • Gaelectric
    • Innogy
    • National Grid
    • RSE
    • Shell Energy Europe
    • Swissgrid
    • Statnett
    • Svenska Kraftnat
    • TenneT
    • Uniper
    • Vattenfall

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