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Innovation and R&D in the Power Grid

Advance your business model in light of the changing infrastructure of the grid by facilitating DSR, EVs, and flexibility

27-29 February 2020
Berlin, Germany

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Innovation and R&D in the Power Grid

It is no surprise to energy firms that the power grid is changing. The transition from a centralised, generator driven infrastructure is breaking apart into a decentralised, decarbonised structure with an increasing number of players. The risk is that customers become self-sufficient and are able to interact with the grid through VPPs and other smart technologies, meaning they will no longer need the services of their energy provider as they will have their own. As a result, it is necessary for energy firms to not only understand how the customer needs are changing, and what the fundamental drivers behind these are, but also to be able to reposition themselves in such a way that they are still an essential part of the new grid. This marcus evans event will explore how to best position your company commercially in the evolving, and increasingly decentralised, decarbonised grid.

Key Topics

  • Understand the changing needs of your customers alongside the changing infrastructure of the grid: Sustainability, self-sufficiency, or profit
  • Ensure you are indispensible in the decentralised, decarbonised grid by facilitating DER and DSR: EVs, solar panels, energy-as-a-service
  • Build and use smart grid technologies to aid load balancing, flexibility, and meeting peak demand
  • Assess the current power grid infrastructure and the underpinning legislation for vehicle to grid integration to ensure you are able to commercialise electric vehicles
  • Previous Attendees Include

    • APG
    • Dong Energy
    • Drax Power
    • Edison Trading
    • Elektro Ljubljana
    • Elia
    • Endesa
    • Energi Danmark
    • ESB
    • Eurelectric
    • EON
    • Gaelectric
    • Innogy
    • National Grid
    • RSE
    • Shell Energy Europe
    • Swissgrid
    • Statnett
    • Svenska Kraftnat
    • TenneT
    • Uniper
    • Vattenfall

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    • „Well organised conference, with very high-level competence of the speakers. Extremely informative and valuable‟‟ Intesa Sanpaolo
    • „A great amount of networking‟ Endesa
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