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Action and Analytics for Big Data in Financial Services

Providing practical, real world examples and solutions of how big data can be leveraged for commercial value in financial services

9-10 June 2014
Central London, United Kingdom

Conference Workshop

Optimising customer analytics: Learning from beyond the financial services environment

This workshop will provide a practical guide to how delegates can make the most of the new analytic technologies and techniques available for analysing customer data in order to pursue additional revenue opportunities.

Workshop Moderator: Dr. Barry Leventhal

Company: Director BarryAnalytics

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Action and Analytics for Big Data in Financial Services

Financial institutions have been collecting big data for a long time but have been somewhat behind corporates and other organisations when it comes to analysing that data and – more importantly – acting on it. This marcus evans conference will show financial industry professionals how their organisation can buck this trend, cutting through the hype surrounding big data in order to create actionable solutions that will drive commercial value and improve the customer experience.


With the increased focus on customer centric business models in financial services, now is the time to analyse your big data and take actions based on the results. Detailed case studies will provide insight into how other firms have succeeded in this area, covering the techniques and strategies used and showing you how you can adapt them for your organisation. Coverage of the latest techniques in real time and predictive analytics will demonstrate how you can excel in areas such as cross selling and upselling, and how you can create the most effective multichannel experience for your organisation. Excellence in these areas is the key to maximising the benefits of big data and using it to drive a better customer experience.


Key Topics

  • Learn how to practically apply ‘big analytics’ in financial services
  • Optimise infrastructure, technology, data generation and analysis to optimise the potential value of big data
  • Utilise big data as a tool to ensure your bank excels in the new customer centric environment
  • Build a strong business case for big data and embed it in your business strategy
  • Maximise the commercial potential of big data with real time and predictive analytics and the latest cross selling strategies

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    Practical Insights From

    Diane Black
    Managing Director, Barclays Analytics, Reporting and Insights

    Payal Jain
    Managing Director Strategic Analytics, Barclaycard Consumer Europe and South Africa

    Tim Lattimer
    Director, Network Partner Analytics
    Amercian Express (TBC)

    Asim Güvendik
    CRM Segmentation and Customer Analytics

    Roy Kimhi
    Head, Global MIS Team
    BNP Paribas

    Giles Richardson
    Digital Data and Analytics Manager

    Richard Underhill
    Next Best Action, Project Data Expert

    Vikram Saddi

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