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3rd Annual Portfolio Management Strategies for Biosimilars & Generics

Acknowledge New Trends in Profitable Markets, Seek for Strategic Alliances to Improve Marketing and Commercial Strategies, Understand Stakeholder’s Opinions

25-27 Sep 2019
Barcelona, Spain

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Conference Speakers

Kirsi Norvasuo-Huber
Head Strategic Portfolio Management

Detlef Behrens
Head of CMO

Catarina Lopes Pereira
Market Access Manager
Medicines for Europe

J. Ignacio Daz
Director of Business Development

Anna Aillerie
Head of Commercial Operations
Gedeon Richter

Miquel Mas de les Valls
Head of Licensing & Project Management Europe
Accord Healthcare

Nicola Travierso
Velit Biopharmaceuticals

Bjarni Baerings
Vice President

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Conference Quote

Acknowledge New Trends in Profitable Markets —Value-added/Complex generics & Biosimilars—, Seek for Strategic Alliances to Improve Marketing and Commercial Strategies, Understand Stakeholder's Opinions to Success in different Markets. Find out more