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Pan European Healthcare conferences
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Global Healthcare conferences
  • 2nd Annual Strategies in Patient Centered Clinical Research
    Maximizing Existing Tools and Technology to Further Integrate the Patient Voice and Secure Investment for Patient Centered Clinical Research

    Boston, MA
    18-19 Jul 2017
  • 2nd Annual Risk Integration and Quality Management for Medical Devices
    Operating at the Intersection of Risk and Quality to Improve All Phases of the Medical Device Lifecycle.

    Minneapolis, MN
    19-20 Jul 2017
  • 3rd Annual Human Factors Excellence for Medical Device Design
    Enhancing Human Factors and Usability Engineering to Streamline Development Improve Product Safety and Success

    Minneapolis, MN
    9-10 Aug 2017
  • 5th Annual Medical Device Global Labeling Strategies
    Forecasting Changes to the Global Regulatory Landscape to Advance the Functionality of Current Labeling Systems and Fortify Compliance with Forthcoming and Existing Standards

    Minneapolis, MN
    9-10 Aug 2017
  • Psychosocial Risk Management 2017
    Providing an in-depth analysis of psychosocial risk management best practices among heavy industries and robust working environments to enhance mental health well-being and strengthen workforce’s psychological safety and stability

    11-12 Sep 2017
  • 7th Pharmacovigilance, Drug Safety & Risk Management
    Integrating a Robust PV Framework which Enables Predictive Drug Safety and Risk Mitigation throughout Product Lifecycle

    Philadelphia, PA
    13-14 Sep 2017
  • Employee Engagement
    Optimize employee engagement, preserve your reputation and your employer brand

    27-29 Sep 2017
  • Smart Medical Device Innovation: Design & Development
    Streamlining Approach to Connected Device Design and Development to Maximize Growth Opportunities through Digitally Enabled Devices, IoT, Interoperability and Connectivity

    San Diego, CA
    18-19 Oct 2017
  • 5th edition IDMP as a Long Term Information Management Project
    Working towards effective information management and data as an asset vision with tangible business benefits while breaking silos between divisions

    27-29 Nov 2017